email scams

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email scams

Post  REM on Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:28 pm

Today I received an email message from a co-parishioner/ friend of IHMP stating that he is in London and is in trouble due to a hotel robbery and that all his documents and credit cards were stolen also. The emailer stated that the police are investigating the matter but he is in trouble as he has nothing left in his person and that he needs money. He is requesting for help/assistance by sending him money and promises to pay them when he returns.

The email message is a scam which everyone should be careful of. I contacted the co-parishioner/ friend and confirmed that the email is a scam.

According to him (through those how know about internet workings), our email addresses are taken from chain email messages which are sent to others. To stopped this, please refrain from answering/sending chain email messages. Instead, send the main message alone by copying it and pasting it in the message you will be sending. Do not send messages that contain other email addresses which are not known to you..

If you want to warn others whom you know, please copy this message and paste it to a new email compsition you will do so our email addresses are not known by others or compose your own warning regarding this.


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Re: email scams

Post  administ on Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:28 am

Thanks for the advice.


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