SOLICITATION LETTER - Church Roof Construction Project

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SOLICITATION LETTER - Church Roof Construction Project

Post  rollyalarcon on Sun Aug 17, 2008 9:56 am

July 16, 2008

Peace and Goodwill to you and your family!

Beloved friend, may you help us preserve a National Heritage and a House of God – The “IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY PARISH CHURCH” in U.P. Village, Diliman, Quezon City! We feel the urgency and truly the strong desire to preserve this beautiful place of worship that is structurally very Filipino. Allow us to briefly tell you about our Parish Church.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, spiritually and pastorally cared for by the Claretian Missionaries, started constructing the Church in 1970 after it was ecclesiastically erected to the dignity of a Parish in 1969. This very simple, round and humble church was conceived, drawn, planned and built by our very own the late “National Artist Architect Leandro Locsin.” The Filipino in Locsin influenced and challenged so much the artistic talent of this humble architect. He built the Church thinking only of bringing out the richness and vastness of our Filipino culture. He took two icons/symbols of the Philippines to create and conceptualize the shape and structural design of the Church – the primary model being the “Salakot” headgear (a native hard hat made from a big round-shaped upo vegetable) and the secondary model being the “Budjong” shell (a big spiral shell usually used as a horn to call or send out messages or signals).

The Church also houses the “14 Stations of the Cross” on Narra slabs sculpted by another “National Artist Napoleon Abueva.” The religious icons of the “16 foot Blessed Virgin Mother in Filipiniana” and the “30 foot humongous Cross” with the “7 foot Risen Lord” are both carved from huge whole Narra Logs that rest well above the “intricately carved Tabernacle” depicting the dawn of early Christianity in the Philippines was all done by well known “Spanish Claretian Missionary Priest Fr. Segundo Gutierrez, CMF.” So you see our Church was built and furnished by two National Artists and a humble Man-of-the-Cloth sculptor, a Claretian Priest. This is one Church that has quietly and humbly remained silent of its heritage following the example of the blessed character of our Most Holy Patroness - the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but is so rich of her being Filipino in heritage, identity, and service. A Church that recognizes, respects, values and celebrates our culture, a church that has entrusted herself to the care of our Blessed Mother and to her Immaculate Heart – a truly Filipino Church, truly a Marian Sanctuary, and truly a National Heritage.

What needs urgent and immediate attention and action is the renovation/repair of the nearly 39-year-old roofing and ceiling of the Church which has for many years been leaking inside the Church and the walls around it. But more alarming is, this started the weakening of the old trusses and beams so when two strong typhoons hit us it caused the collapsed of some of the panels of the ceiling and in the area especially the ones very near the Blessed Sacrament - Perpetual Adoration Chapel inside the Church. We were frightened to think and to presume objectively what can happen if the whole roof and ceiling collapses and is not dealt with the soonest possible time. So we come to you hoping for your generosity to help us preserve this National Heritage for the generations to come.

In Christ and Mary,

Fr. Desiderio G. Martin, CMF
Parish Priest

Mr & Mrs. Reggie & Cecile Caballero
IHMP-PPC ChairCouple


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